Travel Tips – Checking in Luggage |

I am always going on business trips for work. The one thing I cannot travel without is my trusty laptop. As much as I love my MacBook, it is always an annoyance having to put the laptop through security, carry it with me around the airport, and finally, get it, along with myself, onto the plane. Normally it is not a question for me; I always bring my laptop as a carry-on. However, on my most recent business trip I decided that because I was not planning to do any computer work on the plane, there was no reason to carry it with me. I regrettably checked it in with the rest of my luggage. This was the worst mistake I could have made. For a seasoned business traveler, this may seem like a blunder only a novice would make. However, sometimes we all need a little reminding. I hope by relaying my story, I can save you from making the same mistake I did.

A laptop is an extremely valuable portable device. Whether you are in the office or on the go, it can quickly provide you with access to important data, information, and software. However, it is for these same reasons that laptops are of great interest to thieves, and, consequently, highly vulnerable to theft. In fact, the Safeware Insurance Group reported that in the US, laptop owners have a 1 in 14 chance that their laptop will be stolen. Of course, I am aware that laptops are a prime target for theft, but I thought it would be perfectly safe in my suitcase. I could not have been more wrong. Just because it was packed amongst my business suits and collared shirts did not mean it was protected. The fact is that you really must be aware of where your laptop is at all times, and, if it is checked in with the rest of your luggage, you are violating this simple rule. You have absolutely no idea who may be handling it or where it may end up. By naively deciding to check my laptop along with the rest of my luggage, I was in a sense setting myself up for it to be taken. What is more, the scariest part about having your laptop stolen is the fact that your confidential data inside is now accessible to a thief. Who knows the intentions of a thief? Needless to say, once I discovered my laptop had been taken, I was scared.

I know it may seem like a big hassle having to unload your laptop just to make it through security, but I promise you this: unloading your laptop at the security gate in an airline is only a minor inconvenience in comparison to the trouble that comes with a stolen laptop.

Filing a police report, working without your important files, and worrying someone may be committing identity theft with your personal information are inconveniences to avoid at all costs.

What is the easy solution? Get a computer case. I recently purchased an excellent computer case that not only securely holds my laptop, but also has room to store the other essential carry-on items I need during the flight. I love it because in addition to being very compact and portable, it is also quite fashionable. Having a computer case lets me check-in my one piece of luggage worry-free because I know my laptop is safe and secure by my side.

Still, even when you make the safe choice and carry your laptop onto the plane, there are a few things to be aware of while traveling. Make sure and keep a close eye on your laptop while it is on the conveyor belt at the security gate – and don’t forget to pick it up again after it has passed through security. Finally, keep your laptop near you on the plane – at your feet or in a locked case stowed away in the overhead compartments – and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Air Courier Travel – Ten Things You May Not Know About Traveling the World at Massive Discounts |

Some years ago virtually all air couriers travelled free, until demand for free travel grew and air courier companies realised they could begin charging air couriers to accompany their packages abroad. Today couriers can expect to pay up to 75% of the normal ticket price. That said, however, air courier travel is still one of the very best ways to travel the world at very low cost. Here are ten tips to help you grab your share of high discount air travel to the world’s most exciting locations:

* Air couriers are normally allowed just one bag for personal possessions. The remainder of their luggage allowance is taken up with packages for the company they represent.

* Family holidays can be funded by air courier travel where one member gets their ticket discounted by the courier company with other family members paying normal rates and flying in the same plane or flying soon after. This is because, usually, once the courier delivers his package he is not obliged to return immediately after delivery. Some companies allow couriers to remain overseas for two weeks, sometimes more, after reaching their destination. Return tickets are also usually discounted.

* Companies use air couriers to accompany their goods abroad to save goods being delivered unaccompanied and classed as cargo which takes much longer to process at departure and destination airports than packages accompanied by humans.

* Courier companies typically use couriers to accompany time-sensitive items, such as medicines and business contracts, or because they are irreplaceable and need to be accompanied at all times.

* Air couriers can gain regular assignments if they are reliable and willing to travel at short notice. So try never to cancel a booking and always be friendly and protective of whatever you carry abroad. This way you’ll remain high up in the pecking order for future discount flights.

* Be flexible and willing to fly at any time to any destination which again brings you to the forefront whenever suitable opportunities arise.

* You can make money from your courier flights by taking photographs and writing articles about your destination for newspapers and other businesses. Travel companies need photographs and articles, restaurants are keen on trying new recipes which you can source for them, online photographic libraries will pay every time one of your photographs is downloaded from their site.

* You are never too old to become an air courier and many companies actually find retirees more reliable and more professional than their younger counterparts.

* Couriers must hold a valid passport and be of smart appearance.

* One way air courier travel is popular with people returning home from an indeterminate stay abroad or visiting family in distant countries where savings can be significant on tickets normally costing several hundred dollars each.